Some of my most cherished work focuses on the emotional and vulnerable experiences of Queer BIPOC narratives.

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Using the camera as a scene partner, your worst enemy, or often times - a fly on the wall, the filmmaking I do plays with camerawork choreographed physically or metaphorically into these scenes.

A deep passion which started as my thesis in college -
Can you weave the worlds of dance and cinematography with a concentration on non-verbal storytelling? Since then, it has shifted, grown and expanded beyond the world of dance and into the world of dialogue and short form stories, constantly exploring my love and history with film.

Often times, growing up I would see non-white passing actors of color play stereotypical and two-dimensional roles, where-as the people surrounding me in my life carried a tenderness, vulnerability and rainbow of emotions I so graciously learned to be proud of. I want to show that side to the world. My world.

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